The Cupcake Escapade 

Not in a million years I thought I would ever say this but here it is: I actually enjoyed making cupcakes with my daughter. Not a really hard thing you would think to honestly admit but yes I did.  You see, every time I pull out the mix and spoons would I dread making cupcakes. I knew what was in store: the horrendous hair pulls, the yelling at the top of the lungs, the endless fights and screams over who gets to lick the spoon.

You see, I have two kids and everything is competition.

I dreaded this moment for the past week since my two younglings began their pursuit to make cupcakes. From buying the ingredients at the store, bringing it home and hiding it somewhere in my cupboards; all in hope they would soon forget. Not so.

The pleas and them searching through my cupboards finally came to the moment of my daughter finding the ‘golden egg’.

Not that egg but it might as well have been to her by the way she acted.

Her moment of triumph was mine downfall from a relaxing and quiet night home on a cold winters’ day.

Here we go.

In one deep breathe and one small prayer we started.

I heated up the stove while my daughter blissfully mixed all the ingredients together. I swore she couldn’t get it together fast enough. She was like a rabbit.

Literally. Same look on her face saying “Let me at it”.

Once she was all through and the moment was over;  I quickly poured the mixture slowly in the first cupcake paper cup then the next. All the while I could see her bulging eyes watching and waiting. Hoping. Observing. Wondering.

I looked around for kid #2 and he was watching something on his IPad in the other room. I called to him and silence. Nothibg. No interest. No desire. He didn’t want to help. The mom in me had to offer while I bit my lip knowing what was coming next. But this time he was sure. “No momma”.

I relaxed. Relieved. It was over. I gave everything to my helpful daughter and she did the rest. From icing to decorating; she did an outstanding job.

They were actually good. The freshest I have ever ate.


Just in time for anti-bullying day. Very thoughtful she is.

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A night of errors and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. You would think that one bad thing was well, bad enough. But how about three? That topped the cake, literally. 

It was a night for celebration for a special someone’s 44th birthday. Not mine but daddy. It was all planned out; a party, cake, singing and dancing for his special little munchies ages 6 and 8 whom were getting excited by the minute. 
The first comedy of error began just hours before the party. Munchie aged 6 had his first tooth fall out. Literally. Right on the floor. Through all the tears and blood; you would think someone was in critical condition. Yet it was ‘the tooth’, the very first experience of having a hole in the mouth, the soon to be visit from the tooth fairy and having his toothless picture taken. Yep. A proud moment you’ll always remember. A tears wells in my eye as I wipe it away. My baby boy suddenly getting older before my eyes. 
Once the shock settled in what happens next? Could there possibly anything else?  

A haircut that soon added to the mix of troubles for this young lad. A shaver turned on and a head too close and its jaws turned his head into a highway for his hot wheel cars. Literally. 
Again, the tears ensued from his eyes once again and it was so hard and to keep a straight face. Really hard. After a little fixing up though, I can proudly say this little tyke is officially ready for summer. What can I say? Can there possibly be any more!

Soon the birthday celebration started with two very active kids running amuck. What happens next was just waiting to happen. 
A night of errors lived up to its name. A calamity of errors no one expected. 

These two active kids screaming and running around when suddenly, wait for it…BAM! The eight year old had soon collided with the six year resulting in a rather hard hit in the jaw.  
Soon more blood and more tears once it was noticed that tooth #2 was ready to join #1. From the bottomless pit of his bottom gum line now shows two visible spots where two teeth once proudly stood. Yes after several intense minutes of blood wrenching sweat and tears; it was out and the pair were once again reunited in a box waiting for the fairy to collect her precious gifts. 
Another toothless grin, another picture and a double hit from the tooth fairy tonight. This poor kid will soon be reaping the riches once he wakes up and finds his hidden treasure under his pillow. I sure hope twenty is enough. 
Poor kid. I hope that this is it! At this rate, another twenty should do the trick rather nicely.  

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